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Working for Children and Families
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The Families Matter Most Foundation was created to support the healthy development and growth of the American family unit.

Our mission is to find ways to improve the lives of children while strengthening the bonds that not only keep families together, but allow them to flourish.

We believe that the family unit is the foundation of our society, and when families prosper, we are all the better for it.

Our initiatives involve making sure that as many families succeed, by helping provide shelter, food, or education to those that need it.  This education often is extended to the community at-large, promoting awareness of such intolerable conditions as child homelessness and child hunger.

To date, our programs have raised funds that helped care for 99 children and provided social services for 70 homeless families.  Of the 70 families, 38 moved into permanent homes and are now providing a safe, stable environment for their children.

Whether it is through our programs or close cooperation and support of other important local, regional, or national programs, our efforts will always be focused on children, parents, and the home.

We thank you for your interest, and hope to have your support.

Sylvia Wayfer